Video Summer Series

For many congregations, the summer is disjointed. Not only are many families in and out with travels, but other activities dominate the calendar, such as camps, VBS, Gospel Meetings, and mission trips. Most congregations have at least one or two of these each summer, and, as wonderful as they are, they can disrupt a schedule.

Some years ago, the summer series came in vogue, partially as a way to keep the summer somewhat connected around all these things. However, some congregations cannot afford to have a summer series, while others would like to, but struggle with getting speakers to fill all the weeks.

A couple of years ago, the #Hashtag Youth Series was launched as a way to help youth groups with this problem. Its success was immediate and tremendous. It got some of us thinking about doing something similar for adults.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to introduce you to the Video Summer Series!


The elders at Lebanon Road are overseeing this great work, and plans have come together so quickly. We are truly thrilled at what has transpired.

Here is the idea. We have gathered 10 speakers who came to Lebanon Road in March to record a sermon on video (about 25 minutes in length). Those videos, then, will be edited and made to look top-quality. The videos will then be uploaded onto the Video Summer Series website for any congregation to use…

…for free!

That’s right. If your congregation is having a difficult time financially, and is considering not having a summer series, we want these videos to help you continue to have a good series for no money whatsoever. Several congregations are footing the bill to pay for this series, so that any congregation can use the material for free.

The theme is “Building Godly Families,” and we think you will greatly enjoy the array of speakers who will bring the lessons. Our line up includes

Steve Higginbotham

Glenn Colley

Jerrie Barber

Keith Parker

Jim Faughn

Bryan McAllister

Josh Ketchum

Andy Kizer

Ted Burleson

Adam Faughn

The topics will be based around God’s design for the home and how your family can be built up in godliness.

In addition to the lessons, the website will contain additional materials (again, for free) that can be used by a teacher once the video is complete. These will include discussion starters, more verses for study, and other helpful items. In so doing, the videos can be used for the entire service, or can be the introduction, and the materials can help facilitate further discussion and instruction.

We are thrilled that Gospel Broadcasting Network has agreed to partner with us to record the videos, and Chad Landman is going to do the editing work. Shane Williams is working on the website design and other materials (including the logo you see above). This truly is a collaborative effort that we think you will benefit from greatly.

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