Disguises of the Devil

What do you think of the Devil? Do you picture him as a mean, scary monster? Is he  a silly man in red tights with horns and a pitch fork? I imagine the devil is probably more subtle, maybe even friendly looking. Regardless of his appearance, the Bible describes the devil as our adversary, 1 Peter 5.8. Like any great hunter, the devil has camouflage and he will use many disguises to trap his prey. Briefly I would like to list six potential disguises of the devil. This list comes from a sermon I preached back in 2008.

Flesh: Matthew 4.3-4. Man has basic needs: Food,clothing, and shelter. Sometimes we convince ourselves to turn our “wants” into “needs.” What really happens is our perception shifts and theworld becomes very important. Just as a hunter seeks to alter the perception of his prey, so the Devil wants us to feel safe.

Friends: Remember Peter in Matthew 16.23. The Devil will use our friends. They are one of the strongest influences in our lives. We conform to our social group. 1 Corinthians 15.33 says “Evil companions corrupt good morals.” The Devil will use our friends.

Fun: Activities get in our way sometimes. We want to do more fun things: fishing, football, family, etc. Remember the words of Matthew 6.33.

Finances: The pursuit of money and our financial responsibilities sometimes shift our perception of what we need to focus on in life. Sometimes we get so bogged down with bills, that we have no choice, but to earn more money. Remember who chooses our bills. 1 Timothy 6.10, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Fame: Oh, the lure of the world! 1 John 2.15-17 talks about the pride of life. 1 Timothy 3.6 may indicate that the condemnation of the devil was pride! We must be very careful not to allow the devil to use our pride against us.

Future: Most of us don’t really believe the world will end today. It has existed for a while now, so it’s hard for us to fathom Jesus coming back. The Devil wants us to believe we have all the time in the world to do the Lord’s work…later.

Remember James 4.13-17! Did you notice that none of these six things are inherently evil? That’s what makes them great disguises for the Devil. Our adversary will use whatever disguise he can to get our focus off God and on the world. If he can do that, then his camouflage will have been successful and Satan will have caught his prey… Us. Think about it! -JD

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