Bible Correspondence

Welcome to the study of God’s Holy Word, the Bible! You are to be commended for your interest in Bible study. Searching God’s Word for the spiritual principles of life will reward you with a greater understanding of why you are on this earth, enhance your present life, and will give you hope for a wonderful eternal life with God.


This course only considers Bible facts and principles taught in the Bible. It will not deal with the multitude of theories of men; and the countless speculations on things not fully explained in the Bible. The Bible is not a history book as such, but it does give us the most complete story of man’s life on this earth. The purpose of the history given in the Bible is to show God’s love for man; and how God has cared for man down through all ages. The entire Bible has been given to strengthen our faith in God.

In each lesson there are Study Assignments listing scriptures to read. You may study these with an open mind, looking for the facts expressed in each one. At the end of each lesson there will be a set of Workbook Questions, giving you an opportunity to express in your own words the meaning of the questions. Upside down at the bottom of the page you will find answers (probably not in the same words as yours) so you can check your own answers.

Lightly attached in the center of the book will be a set of eight tests, one for each lesson. After you have studied a lesson, you may answer the test questions, and proceed to the next lesson. When all eight lessons and tests have been completed, you will detach the test pages, tape as indicated, and mail them to the address on the front of the tests. You may keep the book for future reference. The tests will be graded and returned to you.

If you complete the tests satisfactorily, you will be sent a diploma, a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, which is suitable for framing. Our staff will answer any Bible questions you may have. They do not, however, deal with men’s theories and speculations. After the first course, other more advanced courses will be offered free of charge.

Download the Bible Correspondence Course:

(Once you click on the link below, you can print the course. Once completed, you can mail it back to Lebanon Road Church of Christ – 2307 Lebanon Road – Nashville, TN – 37214. If you desire further courses, they will have to be sent by snail mail. We will need your mailing address.)

Bible Correspondence Course

Bible Correspondence Course Test

Bible Correspondence Course (Webpage Version)

Bible Correspondence Test (Webpage Version)


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